[amsat-bb] Richmond Frost Fest 2015

tom.wz9u at gmail.com tom.wz9u at gmail.com
Sat Jan 31 06:43:41 UTC 2015

> Does anyone have a particular OSCAR topic they would like to see covered?

Well, since you’re essentially recruiting young folks (students) to the SatComm hobby, you should definitely cover SO-50.

This is currently the most “accessible” satellite for newbies (a group which includes myself), and may require the minimum ground station -- certainly for hearing, possibly for working.

And perhaps a prelude to that presentation might include a brief overview of terrestrial FM repeater principles, and then move on to having the “repeater in the skies.”

Further, the ISS is an obvious topic as well.  I have heard (faintly) an ISS pass with nothing more than an HT and a twinlead slim-jim.

And you’d definitely want to cover FCC licensing: We certainly don’t want unlicensed kids hitting the satellites!

I have more, but this would easily become my presentation (or at least the one I would definitely attend), and I’m sure you already have a plan of presentation laid out.

Good luck, and I hope you spark some interest in a few kids.  Be sure to report back on the response you get (please).

Tom WZ9U

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