[amsat-bb] VHF Items for Sale [ PRICES REDUCED ]

Les Rayburn les at highnoonfilm.com
Thu Jan 29 18:43:40 UTC 2015

FOR SALE==================FOR SALE===============FOR 

Built by Merle Cox, W7YOZ in November of
2012. This 11 1/4" X 17 1/4" rack mount amplifier includes a DEMI
2370PA, 2 DOW-KEY 12VDC input and output coaxial relays, a NARDA
microwave 20 db directional coupler and detector (this samples power to
display on the output power meter, which is located on the front face of
the rack mount). It also includes T/R time delay (which can be varied),
and rear panel TR control.

Hookup is nearly as simple as adding a "brick" amplifier on the lower
bands. I ran a short piece of flex from my IC-910H into a Bird wattmeter
to measure input power, connected the phono plug T/R to a short cable
running to the DIN plug on the back of the Icom, and connected the antenna.

Maximum power is achieved with about 6.5 watts on input power, with
measured output power at 64 watts! That's a lot of power on 1296.
Perfect for DXing, contests, or even EME.

The build quality is very professional. Enamel gray, with toggle
switches, super neat wiring, labeled connections, etc. 12 VDC is via
PowerPole cables, rig input and antenna output connections are all Type
N. It even includes an instruction sheet provided by Merle to make
set-up easy for an "appliance operator" like myself.


Kenwood TS-60S 6 Meter, All Mode Transceiver. Good condition. Includes
microphone and mounting bracket. Legendary receiver make this a high
performance rig for the Magic Band.


Yaesu G-800DXA Rotor. New condition, unused in original packaging. Great
medium duty, 450 degree rotor with preset. Very fast rotor.

Mirage D3010N 430 Amplifier. 30 watts input with 100 watt output. All
mode amp. Powerpole connector. Untested but working fine when I put it
in storage. (replaced with larger TE amp)

Mirage D-26 430 Amplifier. 4 watts input with 60 watt output. All mode
amp. Powerpole connector. Untested but working fine when last used in
rover operation.

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