[amsat-bb] 2m or 70cm masthead preamp first?

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Mon Jan 26 15:16:35 UTC 2015

Hello Dominic,
It really depends upon what you intend doing so please note the  following:
If you want to work the satellites with a transponder - Then  the only main 
satellites with a 70cm downlink are FO-29   (analog,ssb,cw ) and SO-50 (Fm 
) and if it is operating AO-27.
AO-7, AO-73 (Funcube -1 ) ,Funcube-2, have 2 metre downlinks  and of course 
with reasonable coax the loss
is far less in this band. .    Future launch of Fox-1A will  be also be 2 
metre (FM ) downlink.
For data AO-73,UKcube -1 + Funcube-2,  UO-11, DO-64, ISS,  
EO-79,EO-80,NO-44 etc  operate with a downlink on  2 metres.  
Many of the cube sats. built by Universities and experimental have a  
downlink 435 and 437 MHz regions and of course numerous modes and baud  rates.
Trusting that my information will assist you.
Ken Eaton

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