[amsat-bb] For Sale 2m - 10m transverter

Mike Sprenger mikesprenger at gmail.com
Sat Jan 24 20:51:59 UTC 2015

For Sale:  (Too much stuff laying around, this transverter works fine)

Ten-Tec 1210A 2 Meter transverter for sale - $100 (plus shipping)


Allows you to get on 2 Meters (all mode, transmit and receive) from a 10
meter rig (even the HF Flex DSP radios). With a Flex it allows you to "see"
the activity output from 2m passband of a satellite.

Also worked great with the Icom IC-703+ for 2m capability.

Full 10 watts RF output. ALC-controlled 10M input handles power range of 4
to 20 watts. Solid-state T-R switching. Engineered for optimized l0M-2M
conversion performance. 1.5"H x 5 "W x 8"D.

This is a Factory Built transverter (not the kit version)

Contact Mike W4UOO if interested.

*Model 1210 Specifications:*

   - *Frequency Coverage: 144-148 MHz band, typically 144-145.7 MHz, based
   on 28-29.7 MHz tuning range of most 10 meter transceivers. 116 MHz local
   - *Power requirement: 12-14VDC, 100 mA. receive, 600 mA in transmit with
   no drive, 2.0A on transmit at 10 watts output.*
   - *Construction: Black texture painted clamshell-type steel top and
   bottom, aluminum panel chassis and heatsink. One 5.5 "X 3.75" double-sided
   circuit board.*
   - *Semiconductors: 2 IC's, 13 transistors, 25 diodes. RF final. BLW81.*


   - *RF Output: 10 watts maximum an CW and FM, 10 watts PEP on SSB.*
   - *T/R Switching: solid state, RF sensing.*
   - *Output Power Adjustment Range: 2 to 10 watts.*
   - *Spurs and Harmonics: Greater than -56 dBc at 10 watts out.*
   - *Standard TX Hang Time: Approximately 1 second.*
   - *Input Drive: Less than 0.5 watts input to key TX mode. 4 watts input
   for 10 watts output. Input drive level is ALC controlled between 4 and 20
   watts. Input SWR less than 1.5:1.*


   - *Noise figure: less than 7 dB.*
   - *Conversion Gain: Approximately 17 dB.*
   - *Image Rejection: Greater than 60 dB.*
   - *Input Intercept: -6.5 dBm typical.*

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