[amsat-bb] CP vs. LP and all that implies

Chris Spacone cspacone at socal.rr.com
Thu Jan 22 03:19:08 UTC 2015

Greetings all;


I'm in the process of doing a complete station rebuild. I've been debating
with a fellow ham regarding the relative merits of CP (fixed or switchable
RHCP, LHCP) vs. LP and I was wondering about any technical resources that
are available to help with the decision making process. I'm open to
everything from anecdote to detailed technical information but in essence
I'd really like to understand what kind of system performance and
reliability issues I'd expect for a typical installation.


My station is an IC-9100 and will soon be lashed to a Yaesu AzEl rotor
sitting on a Glen Martin 4.5 foot tower. I like the idea of (but not
necessarily the price) the M2 70cm and 2m with the switchable polarity kit.
Anybody have any direct experience with this antenna system and advice
regarding same?



Chris, KD6OUB


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