[amsat-bb] Handheld for LEO satellites?

D. Craig Fox DFox at rwglaw.com
Wed Jan 21 18:11:16 UTC 2015

All of the foregoing responses express valid approaches. One thing to keep in mind if going the HT approach, is the long term reliability of the radio. The fact that there are still so many Icoms, Kenwoods, Yaesus out there is evidence of their long term reliability.  Perhaps the inexpensive Chinese radios will stand the test of time- maybe not. But for very little more than the cost of two of the new cheap radios, you can have a full duplex HT. As others have said, there is no real substitute for hearing your downlink.  I happen to like my full duplex Kenwood D7 because of its on board TNC giving me the ability to communicate through the ISS digipeater as I point my elk antenna while watching it go by.  Way cool experience.

If you get really bitten by the sat bug like most of us, you will eventually want a full duplex, all function transceiver to enable you to work the linear (rd: low stress, high fun) satellites. Consider saving up for that instead.
Just my $.02


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