[amsat-bb] Audio Mixer for Portable recording?

Bryan Green bryan at kl7cn.net
Sat Jan 17 00:52:49 UTC 2015

Hello, all!

Bryan KL7CN/W6 CM98fn here.

Regarding portable operation, I like to record my QSOs using a small MP3 device. I feed the audio from the radio (an IC-W32A) through the MP3 player to my headphones.

It works so-so. I can hear my own downlink sometimes. And, sometimes I can't.

I've often though it would be nice to mix my mic and speaker together somehow, and then feed that to the MP3 recorder.

It would be some sort of an audio mixer.

I found this device for motorcycle operators, and it comes close to what I have in mind:


It lacks a passthrough for the mic.

Any ideas on a device to do that? 

-- bag

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