[amsat-bb] Need user reports on Ham Radio Deluxe 6.2.X for satellites

Alan wa4sca at gmail.com
Mon Jan 12 14:01:41 UTC 2015


We are starting on the yearly update of the Getting Started on Satellites book, and in the past I have
had questions about including HRD in the information on tracking programs.  Many people already have a
copy for HF and logging.  My own experience was with older 5.X versions, many of which had significant
issues which made me hesitant to recommend it to new users.  However, the current owners are making a
real effort to update the satellite functions.  

This is not an effort to determine the "best" tracking program;  that is often a matter of personal
preference.  I am looking for reports from ACTIVE users of the CURRENT version 6.2.X of HRDSatTrack.
What I would like to know is:

Do you use it regularly?
Do you find it easy to use and update for new satellites?
Does it do a good job on Doppler correction for both FM and transponder satellites?
Does it have any features which are broken for your particular rig and/or antenna control?
Any quirks or glitches?
Would you recommend it to a new satellite operator?
Have you switched between HRDSatTrack and another program, and if so why?
Any other comments?

Also, if you use the HRDLogbook for satellites:

Does it support LoTW and eQSL properly for satellites?
Does it integrate with satellite operations from SatTrack?
Any other comments?

Thanks in advance for your input. Off list replies preferred.



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