[amsat-bb] Notice for Operation Conclusion of DESPATCH

ji1izr/Masahiro Sanada ji1izr_1975 at nifty.com
Sun Jan 4 10:21:02 UTC 2015

Dear all,

I heard many stations sent report about DESPATCH all over the world,
nad the project members espacially appreciate the EME'ers reported the data fr
om the deep space.

As Prof. Kubota annouced,
DESPATCH operation was concluded.

But the "Artwork", the satellite iteself, is still on the orbit around the sun
The project members provide the position information of DESPATCH for eternal,
as well as the API data.

I revised my "DESPATCHtrack", the utility to obtain the position of DESPATCH,
to be used eternally, too.

You can get the new version from:

I hope it will help you when you think over DESPATCH.

Thank you for your cooperation.


         Masahiro Sanada
            de ji1izr
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          ji1izr at jarl.com
        ji1izr at jamsat.or.jp
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