[amsat-bb] KG5CCI Midwest Trip Thanks & Mississippi 1/6-1/10

Dave Swanson dave at druidnetworks.com
Sat Jan 3 00:32:50 UTC 2015

Good Evening All,

I wanted to take a moment and thank the Amsat community for the fun I 
had during my recent road trip thru the Midwest. While I've done some 
local roving, and one SO50 only trip to commonly heard grids in Ohio, 
this was my first big attempt at scheduling passes with people, 
operating from actual rare grids, and  utilizing the linear sats while 
portable. This trip was further complicated by some really cold weather 
during my remote stages of travel. I made 4 AO73 QSOs, 31 FO29 QSOs and 
100 SO50 QSOs for a grand total of 135 contacts on 14 passes. I operated 
from 10 grids and 3 states. The highest temperature I saw during my trip 
was 52°F on 12/25/14 in Southern Iowa, and the coldest temperature I saw 
was -3°F on 12/30/14 in Western Iowa. The most worked called during my 
trip was John, K8YSE, with 8 QSOs. I also wanted to thank John-K8YSE, 
Frank-K4FEG, and Kevin-N4UFO for following me and always having 
encouraging words on all the passes we worked, and a special thanks to 
Wyatt-AC0RA and Clayton-W5PFG for giving me tips and pointers leading up 
to, and during my trip that definitely contributed to my success.

All logs have been uploaded to LOTW, and I had a few cards already 
waiting for me when I returned home. If you need a card for a grid I 
operated from during my trip, either send me a card of your own, or, if 
we've worked before, just send me an email and I'll get one out to you.

Finally, as a bonus round to the Midwest Holiday trip, I'll be in Yazoo 
City, MS next week Tuesday-Saturday and will likely be activating 
several grids on the way, and around the area. My main point of 
operation will be EM42, but I'll be traveling via EM44, EM54, EM53, and 
while I'm there I will try and get out and make several mid-day 
excursions the grids around the area, including EM43, EM52 & EM41 as 
well. As I did during this last trip, I will try my best to keep my 
Twitter account (@KG5CCI - https://www.twitter.com/KG5CCI) up to date as 
I go, and attempt to announce passes and where I'll be as early as I can.

Thanks everyone, and 73.

-Dave, KG5CCI

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