[amsat-bb] Expectations...

Kelley kshaddrick at jetup.net
Fri Jan 2 03:07:36 UTC 2015

I put up a new antenna for ISS work today. It's a home-built 2m 
turnstile with reflectors. Numbers wise (SWR, etc., as read on a MFJ 
analyzer) the antenna is working. I used the antenna a bit on APRS and 
was able to hear stations and be heard by stations.

I listened to the ISS for 3 passes earlier today. On the first 2 passes 
I heard a number of stations, but was unable to digi via the ISS. On the 
third pass (about 40 degrees elevation at max and to the south), I was 
able to digi via the ISS (sorry if I have the terminology wrong here, 
I'm somewhat new at this).

My question is, how often should I be able to digi via the ISS? Is it 
unusual to not be able to on a given pass (all 3 passes were higher 
elevation passes)? I know there are collisions and QRM involved and 
someone wins out. I don't have the best station (IC-706MKIIG and a 
turnstile antenna), I'm sure this plays a part.

Curious what others have experienced.

Kelley - WØRK

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