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Subject: new live weekly ham radio webcast

We would love to have you on our new weekly amateur radio show.

Live webcast of Amateur Radio Roundtable on w5kub.com every Tuesday night
at 8:00 PM central. (0200 UTC Wednesdays)

This show covers many aspects of ham radio and we have special guests
attend.  We are also looking for some hams locally that would like to be on
the webcast and do a show and tell.

During the last half of the show, we will provide a link that the viewers
can click on and actually be on the webcast if they have a camera. We call
that part the roundtable and it is very informal.  Drop in to say hello or
stay awhile and talk to the others that are attending via remote.

Again, the time is every Tues at 8:00 PM central on W5KUB.COM
<http://w5kub.com/>  they dont have to have a password to join.  Just enter
your calls in the user name and click join.

Thanks, Tom W5KUB


Please check out our ham radio video broadcast page at http://w5kub.com and
please join our W5KUB video broadcast group at

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