[amsat-bb] ISS packet

Vince Fiscus, KB7ADL vlfiscus at mcn.net
Mon Feb 23 23:02:46 UTC 2015

At 05:30 PM 2/23/2015 -0500, Steve Kristoff <skristof at etczone.com> wrote:
>OK. Is there actually any way for an old man who only sort of knows
>computers to actually do packet on the ISS?
>I have tried MixW, UISS, AGWPE, UZ7?? soundmodem, and they all have me
>I have MixW set up to do PSK31 and MMSSTV does a good job on the SSTV from
>ISS, so I'm not completely computer ignorant.
>Is there a user friendly packet program, that only requires one download
>and has an easy set-up?
>Steve AI9IN

Hi Steve,

I use two MFJ-1278 multimode TNC's.  One for the local network, and
one dedicated to satellite.  I use an old ms-dos terminal program
called cross-talk to handle communications with the controller. This
really is the simplest was to do packet, IMO.

Used packet TNC's are a dime a dozen.  Pick one up, it doesn't have
to be a multimode.

Use the sound card for the other modes,  PSK, SSTV, etc.

73, KB7ADL

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