Juan Antonio Fernandez ea4cyq at gmail.com
Mon Feb 16 10:15:41 UTC 2015

It is always the same . . .

In SSB mode we can send CQ.

In FM mode the first rule is "if you can't listen NO TX".  The problema is
that SO-50 no TX if no listen to somebody, so people when can`t listen they
think that they can't be received by the sat.

SO-50 is a specepial case that we will see more frequently on the space.  It
is the subtone system colateral damage.

But if most of us know that the sat is usually collapsed or at least with
moderate trafic, it is a reasonable way no call CQ. So my advice:

- First of all listen, if there is some station that fit  your log, call

- If you decide to call, the best way is  only your call  EA4CYQ/P or
EA4CYQ handheld.

I think your locator it is not neccesary until you Exchange data.  When you
made a contact, you send your locator and the rest oh hams will listen it.

It is a pity listening to Yuri (/mm) calling on a FM Sat from wet grids and
other station, which clearly can´t listen him, calling CQ killing the
chance of any QSO.

To wrap up:

- If no listen no TX

- CQ only in SSB sats

- In FM SATs, your callsign is enough to advertise of your presence.

Juan Antonio


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