[amsat-bb] K1N today

RSoifer1 at aol.com RSoifer1 at aol.com
Wed Feb 11 15:09:39 UTC 2015


As I see it, at least three things would help the next satellite DXpedition

1. As you said, the DX operator should get familiar with satellite 
operating before going on the big DXpedition.

2. The DXpedition needs a strong signal to be heard clearly.  5W to an 
Arrow produces maybe 25 W peak EIRP on 145 MHz, and if SSB then no more than 
5-10 W average.  That's not enough for an analog sat, especially if there are a 
lot of callers.

3. The practice of DX stations operating "split" is well established on HF 
but is virtually nonexistent at VHF/UHF, where simplex operation is the 
norm.  Many satellite ops have little or no HF DXing experience.  They need to 

Hope this helps.

73 Ray W2RS

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