[amsat-bb] follow-up on request for list of North American grids activated in 2015

Patrick STODDARD (WD9EWK/VA7EWK) amsat-bb at wd9ewk.net
Mon Dec 28 01:55:57 UTC 2015


Thanks for the responses to my request last night for stations to send me
information on the grids that they activated during calendar year 2015! I
have received information from 18 different stations, and a couple of
others have said they will compile their lists after 31 December. This is
great, and I appreciate the responses. I would like to hear from any
satellite operators in Mexico that have been active from more than their
home grids, as I know I have worked a few down there in different locations
during 2015. I would appreciate receiving this information by 15 January
2016, if others are interested in providing me their lists of grids
activated in 2015. I also have details on a couple of other stations that
have posted their lists of grids activated in 2015 online, and I will
include those in my writeup.

I received one comment that questioned my use of Twitter in my request for
this information. I understand that many hams don't use, or care for,
social media platforms like Twitter. Of the 18 stations that have sent me
information, about 2/3 of them are also on Twitter - and all of those have
operated from between 5 and 58 different grids in 2015. Many of us use
Twitter specifically, since it does not require full access to the Internet
to send information for others to see. Twitter can be used with SMS
messages, which means just having access to a mobile phone network is all
that is needed to interact with Twitter. Many of us also keep our Twitter
feeds open for anyone to read - the reason why I usually refer to a link to
see my @WD9EWK Twitter feed in a web browser (http://twitter.com/WD9EWK ),
without having a Twitter account. Twitter is just another way to spread the
word, a reason why I also posted my original request here on the AMSAT-BB
list last night.

If I was interested in plotting a map showing all of the grids that were
active in 2015, this could be done by everyone submitting lists of grids
worked during the year. Although that would make for a nice map, especially
to see if it would have been possible to work all of the states in the
continental USA during the year, that is a larger project I didn't want to
take on. I'm looking to highlight those stations that go out and activate
grids away from home, for the benefit of other satellite operators.

Thanks again, and 73!

Twitter: @WD9EWK

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