[amsat-bb] UT1FG/MM Itinerary

John Papay john at papays.com
Fri Dec 18 17:25:13 UTC 2015

Yuri, UT1FG/MM, is heading up to the St.
Lawrence and Montreal and will visit two
ports there.  He has shared a list of grids
that he will likely travel through.  Some of
these grids have not been previously activated,
however, keep in mind that not every grid will
be workable due to the timing of the available
satellite passes.  He may be in some of these
grids for a very short time.

FL17 FL18 FL28 FL29

FM20 FM30 FM31 FM32 FM42 FM43 FM53
FM54 FM55 FM56 FM66 FM67 FM68 FM78 FM79 FM89

FN80 FN81 FN82 FN83 FN93 FN94 FN95

GN05 GN06 GN07

FN97 FN98 FN88 FN89 FN79 FN69 FN58 FN57 FN47 FN46 FN36 FN35

The ship is the Barnacle, a vessel that he previously sailed

John K8YSE

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