[amsat-bb] SatPC32 issues

Burns Fisher burns at fisher.cc
Fri Dec 11 01:40:02 UTC 2015

I've been using SatPC32 for several years, and have not seen this problem
until recently.  I'm wondering if anyone else has?  After running for
several hours or maybe a day or 2, SatPC32 just stops.  It is marked "not
responding" and it does not refresh the screen when it is exposed.  I can
not see that it is doing anything.  The companion rotor control program
appears to be running, but of course when I kill SatPC32 with CTL/ALT/DEL
it keeps running, so I also have to kill it manually.

First, I'm running this all on a PC with a 4-core Intel I5 processor at
3.something GHz, so power should not be a problem.  The unusual thing
(slightly) is that the system is "headless".  It has a graphics processor,
but there is no monitor on it.  I use Remote Desktop to access it.  That
should not make any difference but...

On this PC, I am running SatPC32 which is driving an AMSAT rotor controller
via a USB serial port, a TS2000 (often not turned on) via a built in serial
port, and SDR# via DDE.  FoxTelem is running and listening to SDR# via
virtual audio cable.  Sometimes the AO73 app is also running, but not

If anyone has suggestions as to how to debug this (what info to collect and
send, other stuff to try, etc) I'd be happy to give it a try.

Thanks and 73,

Burns Fisher W2BFJ

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