[amsat-bb] A refresher needed...

Steve Kristoff skristof at etczone.net
Wed Dec 2 12:48:42 UTC 2015

I have had several successful QSOs via the Space Station APRS repeater 
(ARISS). I use DireWolf and UISS software. The UISS software allows you to 
set up macros to send short messages via packet. Put your call, name, and 
grid square in there. You send that, get a confirmation from the other 
station and they send their info, then you send a confirmation back.
A digital satellite QSO in a matter of seconds.
You really need to listen carefully so you don't send in the middle of 
another person's packet to prevent packet collisions.
It doesn't always work, but when it does it work, it's pretty cool.

Steve AI9IN
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> 1. Based upon the AMSAT page, I conclude the following birds are
> active: ISS (FM), LILACSAT-2, AO-73, AO-85, SO-50, NO-44, NO-84, FO-29,
> XW-2F, AO-07.
> 2. At the top of the AMSAT satellite status page, there is a blank line
> for satellite status, with reports.  Is this a new satellite that is not 
> yet
> turned over to operations?
> 3. Which of the following satellites will work when NOT illuminated?  I
> remember AO-7 and NO-44 won't, and AO-73 will, but not sure about SO-50,
> FO-29, NO-84, AO-85, XW-2F.
> 4. What is the best way to tell if a satellite is illuminated?  Could
> be before sunrise at my QTH if the bird is east, or after my sunset if the
> bird is west.  How can I tell?
> 5. I need more info on APRS.  I set it up to relay my position from my
> car on 144.39 many years ago, but Bob Bruninga has often said APRS capable
> of so much more.
> a. Is satellite APRS helpful just for isolated locations, for relaying
> information?
> b. How long does the satellite transmit the information packet (what is
> the lifetime of the packet?)
> c. What if the amount of packets to be transmitted by the satellite
> takes longer than the visibility of the satellite at my QTH?  I won't hear
> certain data, right?
> d. What is everyone else using satellite APRS for?
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