[amsat-bb] Extreme DX FO29 Contact

Steve Kristoff skristof at etczone.net
Fri Aug 28 00:42:40 UTC 2015

Hearing about this kind of stuff makes me want to keep playing radio.

Steve AI9IN

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> Satellite friends and colleagues,
> I'm happy to announce that at 1732UTC on August 27th, 2015, A QSO was made 
> between myself, KG5CCI, and F4CQA on Satellite FO-29. This was not a 
> scheduled contact, I simply answered Christophe's CQ call. I knew it was a 
> good contact at the time, but as I was portable up on Arkansas' Shinnall 
> Mountain, I did not have the resources available to calculate distances. 
> After returning to my office I began to log the contacts I had made, and 
> noticed the "general" distance between EM34 and JN17 was in excess of 
> 7500km. About the same time I came to this realization, my email chirped 
> with a message from Christophe, who had came to the same conclusion.
> After some quick exchanges, and verifying 10 digit locators, we have 
> settled on an official distance of 7599.959km between my grid of 
> EM34ST11TL and Christophe's grid of JN17EA22OT, using the 
> http://no.nonsense.ee/qth/map.html website for calculations.
> To the best of our knowledge, referencing data found on Amsat-UK's website 
> ( at http://amsat-uk.org/2015/05/06/uk-texas-extreme-dx-contact/ ) this 
> breaks the previous distance records of 7537.799km between W5CBF and 
> G4DOL, and the 7538.685km contact between K4FEG and DK1TB.
> I had my camera setup to record the pass as well, and you can view a raw 
> clip of the contact here:
> https://youtu.be/orY0Re0IY30
> If anyone has any questions about the contact, I'll be happy to answer 
> them. Special thanks and a solid *GOOD-DX* to Christophe  for the contact, 
> and here's to many more.
> 73!
> -Dave, KG5CCI
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