[amsat-bb] Question about AMSAT BB

Rick Walter wb3csy at gmail.com
Mon Aug 24 23:52:05 UTC 2015

I know most of the AMSAT operation is done by volunteers. I also have
wondered why some posts for satellite passes seem to be very close or even
after the pass occurred. What is the average time between someone sending a
post and when it actually appears on the BB? I sent a congratulatory
message to the AMSAT team who produce the Journal as well as commenting on
the content. I also mentioned getting my AMSAT Journal in the mail today to
allow members to know it will be arriving soon. That post was sent at 2:46
PM EDT today.I BCC it to myself. It showed up in 5 seconds. Five hours
later, I still do not see it listed on the AMSAT BB. I can see why some
posts seem to be at the last minute before something happens that may be of
interest to most of us. I'm not complaining, I just wonder if we need to
post about 12 hours before something will actually happen.
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