[amsat-bb] Are we ever going to learn?

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Unfortunately, the technical portions, of 47 CFR Part 97, are extremely vague and are, in most cases, open for interpretation.  For example, 47 CFR Part 97 Section 97.101(d) reads as follows:
 (d) No amateur operator shall willfully or maliciously interfere with or cause interference to any radio communication or signal.
Most operators do not know if they are running too much power.  Depending on the distance from the satellite, to the transmitting station, running exactly the same power level, on different passes, may result in not enough signal to make a reliable contact to enough power to overload the transponder.  The interpretation most usually applied to this regulation, is the deliberate, on frequency (or extremely close in frequency) operation with the purpose, in mind, of causing interference with another station.  Also, operating on the same frequency may not be detected by a particular station because of Doppler shift being different between the stations involved.
47 CFR Part 97 Section 97.313(a) reads as follows:
(a) An amateur station must use the minimum transmitter power necessary to carry out the desired communications.

However, the interpretation of "desired communications" is not defined.  As such, one station may only desire an extremely hard to copy signal, right at the noise level, whereas, another station may desire "arm chair" copy.  In each case, the definition of "desired communications" has been met and the effect, on the satellite, is completely different.
The only real solution is for each operator to use his/her 6th and 7th senses.  Man is born with the usual sight, feel, smell, touch, and hearing.  However, there are 2-additional senses with which people are born:  Common sense and horse sense!
Unfortunately, the 6th, as well as the 7th, sense is often lost, over the years, and, as such, do not play the very important role that they were intended. Glen, K9STH

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AO-7 was sounding pretty good. Very strong signals over North America
around 2200Z, I was having a nice QSO with KC4LE, reducing my power to
1 watt when my signal started to warble a bit, until someone started
CQing in CW with such a strong signal that the whole passband was
pulsing up and down. Eventually the Mode B transponder shut off under
the strain.

Using excessive power on a linear transponder is a violation of two
sections of Part 97: using minimum power necessary to complete the
communcations and causing harmful interference to other stations. We
need an ARRL OO to listen to a few passes and send some OO notices!


Paul, N8HM
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