[amsat-bb] ANS Special Bulletin ANS-116.01 AMSAT-NA Opportunity for Rideshare to Geostationary Orbit

Gus gus at 8p6sm.net
Sun Apr 26 17:03:18 UTC 2015

On 04/25/2015 11:45 PM, Paul Stoetzer wrote:
> Well, there is some truth to that. Minimal Doppler shift, no checking
> Keps, no running predictions to check mutual footprints with those you
> want to work. Just point your dish at the satellite and talk to the
> entire hemisphere!

Hmmm.  Would the ISS be able to use it to extend school contacts?  I 
mean, any school in the footprint would not need to use a telebridge, 
and the contact could begin as soon as ISS entered the footprint and 
last until it exited.  Or more correctly, for the entire time the two 
coverage circles overlapped, unless my brain is misfiring.  The question 
is, i) would the ISS be able to carry a suitable transceiver and 
antenna? And ii) would it be able to point/aim said antenna?

Gus 8P6SM
The Easternmost Isle

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