[amsat-bb] FL11 is back on the air (SO-50) ... and bad apple... (UV-5R)

Pavel Milanes Costa co7wt at frcuba.co.cu
Sat Apr 25 16:24:10 UTC 2015

I will be on the next SO-50 pass 1628z (just 8 minutes ahead)

I will try to announce all my activations via que amsat-bb

Thanks to all who wrote to me, CU, I have to get on the roof soon.

El 25/04/15 a las 00:52, Pavel Milanes Costa escribió:
> Hi to all from CO7WT, Pavel
> After a long hiatus I resume my activity on Satellites from FL11 (just
> FM here, so SO-50 Only)
> I have tested yesterday and today's night my setup here:
> Antenna: Homebrew Cross boom yagis for 2m/70cm
> Radio: Baofeng UV-5R *(Half Duplex)*
> Recording dev: my cell phone
> My log shows from this two days:
> 2015 April 24
> ---------------
> 0159 W5CBF EM21 (Saludos Hector!!!)
> 0201 KA4H FM17
> 0202 N8RO EM00
> 0203 W1PA FN44
> 0204 WI9I EM59
> 2015 April 25
> ---------------
> 0225 WI9I EM59
> 0226 KE8AKW EN80
> 0227 KG5CCI EM34
> 0228 KE8AKW EN80
> I wrote the times approximately by looking the start of the pass and the
> recording time, for humans minor time differences are ok, but I wonder
> if LoTW can cope with that.
> QSL is via my manager (N2CQ) if you want paper QSL or LOTW on the
> following hours after the QSO.
> I'm being getting used to the calls and sounds, sorry to the OMs that
> insist on me to say his calls correctly (KE8AKW ;-) ) keep in mind that
> English is a second language to me, I always have a recording for
> correction of that "beginner's mistakes"
> Operations is as time permits, mostly on night passes on week days or
> full time on weekends; sure I can take schedules too.
> To the amsat.org OM's: put this info on the new "activity" page if you
> like so, I think FL11 will be a new grid to many of us.
> I have to make yet some fix on the yagui handle (comfort) and some other
> practical fix on the diplexer/cables, but that's are minor issues.
> Now lest talk about a little china apple, sorry, radio.
> About the baofeng UV-5R: I get a bad apple from the store... or it's not?
> Maybe someone of you remember a post of mine a time ago about NOT going
> to the UV-5R for RX on full-duplex...
> About a week ago I scheduled a test with a technician with certified
> test equipments (IFR 1200 I think it was...), we make some tests this
> week, short story:
> My baofeng has 10uV sensitivity on 2m (aprox -86dbm aka deaf) and 0.1 uV
> on 70cm (aprox -123dBm aka very good)
> Further tests shows that when you are on RX in 70cm any carrier on 2m
> above 50uV (aprox -73dBm give or take), the sensitivity on 70m begin to
> suffer, that why I can't use this radio for full duplex with other radio
> as TX on 2m, even with 1W of power.
> For reference purposes my Baofeng UV-5R has Firmware N5R-20 dated 140525N
> My solution was a homebrew diplexer, mounted on the antenna and working
> only *half duplex*
> Not an ideal setup but most of the time I get strong signals here and
> QSOs prove that it's working as expected.
> 73 from Pavel in FL11ai (Camagüey Cuba)
> CU on the birds.

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