[amsat-bb] AnyTone TERMN-8R Terminated by FCC

Glen Zook gzook at yahoo.com
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The revoking, etc., of certification of the radio has no bearing on its use in the amateur radio service.  Since an amateur radio operator is allowed to construct, modify, etc., equipment for use on amateur radio frequencies, it is perfectly legal to use this radio in the Amateur Radio Service.  It is also not illegal to own these radios nor to sell, etc., such a radio to another amateur radio operator.  What is illegal is the commercial sale of these units.  It is not illegal for an amateur radio operator to modify such a unit for use on amateur radio frequencies to trade in such a unit to an outlet that sells amateur radio equipment.  It is also not illegal for such an outlet to sell the unit to another licensed amateur radio operator.  

Individual new units can be imported by a licensed amateur radio operator so long as the unit is to be modified for use on amateur radio frequencies.  However, it is not legal for such a unit to be imported for use on frequencies other than amateur radio frequencies nor to sell, to someone else, in a unmodified condition.  Of course, it is illegal for the individual unit to be used to transmit on any frequency on which certificated equipment is required.  Basically, the import ban is concerned with acquiring the units which are to be sold, to anyone else, in an unmodified condition.

If I remember correctly, there are provisions, in 47 CFR, that allows importing, by a single person, of up to 5-units for the purpose of conducting tests, etc., to determine the meeting of certification requirements.  However, those units cannot be sold, to anyone else.  They can be modified for use on amateur radio frequencies and be acquired by licensed amateur radio operators.  However, they cannot be sold, to anyone, unmodified. 
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This radio is capable of full-duplex operation, so it was of interest
for FM satellite work. Unfortunately, as with most recent full duplex
handheld transceivers, it desenses too much to be useful for full
duplex satellite work on V/U satellites like SO-50.

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