[amsat-bb] AnyTone TERMN-8R Terminated by FCC

Glen Zook gzook at yahoo.com
Sat Apr 18 15:40:53 UTC 2015

The word, "certificated" actually appears in my copy of "Webster's New Universal Unabridged Dictionary" original copyright 1972.  That is the "big" dictionary that used to, may still, sit on a special stand in a library.  So, it can be used in Scrabble!
However, I never heard the word until the FCC started using the term instead of the old "type accepted".  I just took the time to "look up" the word and it definitely is in the dictionary even though not commonly used. Glen, K9STH

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 Subject: Re: [amsat-bb] AnyTone TERMN-8R Terminated by FCC
I'm neither an electronics engineer nor a lawyer, but I found Mr. Zook's 
message to be interesting. I think, maybe, he was just trying to make the 
point that these radios may have been "certificated" (can I now use that 
word in Scrabble?) by the lawyers and not be anyone in the FCC who knows 
technology. That seems to actually be in line with Mr. Bradford's comment 
that the FCC would not "consciously" allow such radios to be certificated. I 
assume that a conscientious (and "conscious") certification process would 
involve both technicians and lawyers.


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