[amsat-bb] The trial of NX9B - Part 2

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Thu Apr 16 23:01:45 UTC 2015

This posting is a continuance of the posting "The trial of NX9B - Part 1" 

And now I will provide the rest of the story that you so conveniently left out about our QSL exchange. I will also tell anyone who is still reading at this point that I can not find the email I sent on March 24 but it was referenced in my email of March 25. I think from the context of the March 25th email what the previous email said. 

From: "Andrew Glasbrenner" < glasbrenner at mindspring.com > 
Date: December 22, 2014 at 10:29:25 CST 
To: < nx9b at comcast.net > 
Subject: RE: Drew, would like to get some cards from your portable ops. 

Sure Jeff, no problem. I could use those cards for my Reverse VUCC, so send them on down with a SASE and I’ll hook you up. I’m also going to be between here and FM02-03 between 30 Dec and 4 Jan, so let me know if you need anything from those parts and we’ll make it happen. 

73, Drew KO4MA 

From: nx9b at comcast.net [ mailto:nx9b at comcast.net ] 
Sent: Thursday, December 18, 2014 7:28 PM 
To: glasbrenner at mindspring.com 
Subject: Drew, would like to get some cards from your portable ops. 

Hi, Drew. I am trying to get serious about getting my QSL cards in order for satellite and came across a few grids that I have worked you in in the past 4 years. 

I am hoping that you might not be too busy during the holidays to get me caught up. 

I can send you cards for each QSO, just send you an SASE or let you take care of it. How ever you would like to do this. 

I need 7 cards/QSOs cfm'd from you. They are as follows: 

4/29/11, AO-51, NX9B>KO4MA/m 2202Z you in EL88 

8/10/11, AO-51, NX9B>KO4MA/p 1041Z you in EM84 

8/15/11, AO-51, NX9B>KO4MA/m 2158Z you in EM62 

8/1/13, SO-50, NX9B>KO4MA/p 1916Z you in EM82 

8/15/13, FO-29, NX9B>KO4MA/p 0141Z you in EM26 

9/10/13, FO-29, NX9B>KO4MA/p 0218Z you in EL79 

9/16/13, FO-29, NX9B>KO4MA/p 0111Z you in EM60/61. 

Please let me know what I need to do to get these from you. 

Thanks and Merry Christmas, 

73 de Jeff, NX9B, EM66sj 

From: "Andrew Glasbrenner" < glasbrenner at mindspring.com > 
Date: January 11, 2015 at 10:25:24 CST 
To: "'Jeff Lamb'" < nx9b at comcast.net > 
Subject: RE: Hey, Drew, a question. 

It was a good trip, we just pushed a little too hard at the end. Glad I 
could get a few new ones on the air for a few people. 

I offered the team gear and training early on, and they only gave a tepid 
response of basically "we'll see." Since then, as you have seen, they have 
announced via another venue that they will include an HT and arrow for 
SO-50. While that's better than nothing, it will be a giant mess if they 
don't practice first, and even then it will be dicey. 

Since then I've reached out again with a request to consider an 817 that I 
would loan them, and ops on FO-29 with a fixed transmit freq like Dale and a 
few others do. This expedition seems much more rushed and limited in scope 
than K5D, so I don't hold much hope for getting more than the HT Arrow ops, 
but we have tried. 

I've got 5-6 envelopes here already, and will sit down and knock out cards 
probably next weekend. Still catching up on emails as you can see :-) 

73, Drew 

-----Original Message----- 
From: Jeff Lamb [ mailto:nx9b at comcast.net ] 
Sent: Wednesday, January 07, 2015 7:47 AM 
To: glasbrenner at mindspring.com 
Subject: Hey, Drew, a question. 

GM, Drew. Sorry your vacation got cut a little short. I hope the little 
person is doing better. 
My question. I thought I saw you mention somewhere that you were gathering 
equipment and 'teaching' someone about satellites for the K1N DXpedition at 
the end of the month. How's that coming and is it still in the plans? Very 
little on their website about the satellite station or any sat ops and 
getting a little anxious to get them on the birds since my main HF gear may 
not be back from the shop in time for this one. All time new one for me. 
I have some old TenTec HF stuff I might be able to throw together but 
working any split larger than the RIT of the rig is out with only a single 
Hope this one is as awesome as it looks to be. 
I'll get you some cards soon. 

73 de Jeff, NX9B, EM66sj 

From: nx9b at comcast.net 
To: glasbrenner at mindspring.com 
Sent: Wednesday, March 25, 2015 6:09:24 PM 
Subject: Drew, nice catch on FO-29 just now. How about my QSL cards?? 

I emailed you yesterday about my QSL cards and I haven't heard anything back from you. 

Please give me a status report. 

73, Jeff, NX9B 



If, after reading the balance of the evidence, any of you still feel like I am a jerk and you would prefer NOT to have any more QSO's with me, please send me an email to my personal email address listed on QRZ.com. 

This has already been done by someone, so don't feel shy about contacting me about this. 

You will be accommodated. 

If you have any other comments to me or about me, please direct them to my personal email address listed on QRZ.com. 

I am done posting here on the AMSATbb. I will not respond to any other attacks on my character or disparaging comments made here. I have other methods of getting my information out to people. This is not the only game in town. 

Well, Drew, that's about all that I can say or do at this point. 

I propose one of three resolutions. 

1. You have my SASE. Send the cards that I originally requested. 

2. You have my SASE. Send my cards that I sent you in good faith back to me. 

3. Decide that you got what you wanted, you are too busy to uphold your end of this. 

I promise I will not post anything about your decision, which ever of the three you choose. It will be kept between you and me. Now, if someone takes the time to send ME an email wanting to know how this ended, I guess it really depends on who is doing the asking. 

Just remember that you and Patrick are associates of AMSAT/NA and everything that you do and the means by which you conduct your business within the satellite community is a reflection of that organization. 

I apologize for this public display on the AMSATbb. It happens here a lot more than it should so perhaps that is why Drew felt comfortable bringing it here. 

73 de Jeff, NX9B 

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