[amsat-bb] Mystery Solved - Pass From The Past

Bryan Green bryan at kl7cn.net
Tue Apr 7 18:16:23 UTC 2015

Mystery solved:

The "ARLKnnn Keplerian data" e-mails from the ARRL contain the wrong data for AO-73.

Those e-mails identify AO-73 as object number 39445 and contain the data for that object. AO-73's object number is actually 39444. Object 39445 is HINCUBE, which I gather was launched at the same time as AO-73.

The ARRL archive of these e-mails have apparently had it misidentified since it appeared. http://www.arrl.org/w1aw-bulletins-archive-keplerian

AMSAT's Keplerian data identify AO-73 as the correct object.

Now contacting the ARRL to resolve future transmissions with corrected data.

-- bag

Bryan KL7CN/W6

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