[amsat-bb] DireWolf config file question

KO6TZ BOB my.callsign at verizon.net
Mon Apr 6 16:13:35 UTC 2015


Dire Wolf like the AGW-PE has the capability to be used as a dual-port 
TNC.  You

can connect two radios on different bands at different baud rates to the 

sound card in a desk-top computer.  Using this configuration I have 
configured the

first port to the "left" channel S/C and key via the RTS lead from the 
COM port.  The

second port is on the "right" channel S/C and keyed via the DTR lead of 
the COM


The reference to a suitable interface can be a reed relay or an 
optoisolator (4N25).
Simply connect the RTS or DTR lead thru the windings of the relay or 
thru the

optoisolator.  Detailed schematics of these circuits should be an easy 
search on the


I have used this configuration to digi 300 baud APRS traffic from 30m to 
the local

2meter 1200 baud APRS network .

I mentioned 'desk-top computer', this is because many laptops do not 
have stereo

line-in jacks, just mono.


I'm trying to set up the config file in Direwolf. The radio is a Yaesu 
FT290RII and

the interface is a Signalink USB.
The Direwolf manual says this about setting up the PTT configuration:
# If not using a VOX circuit, the transmitter Push to Talk (PTT)
# control is usually wired to a serial port with a suitable interface 
# DON'T connect it directly!
# For the PTT command, specify the device and either RTS or DTR.
# RTS or DTR may be preceded by "-" to invert the signal.
#PTT /dev/ttyUSB0 RTS
Unfortunately, I don't know what that means. Anybody know which one I 

use? Any hints, tips, suggestions would be much appreciated.

Steve Kristoff AI9IN
Oldenburg IN
skristof at etczone.com

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