[amsat-bb] LVBTracker issue and minor SatPC32 glitch

kb2m at arrl.net kb2m at arrl.net
Wed Apr 1 13:43:50 UTC 2015

The 9100 always uses the same comports, the LVB also the same. After I get
the memory error the calibration is then off in the LVB, at least 10
degrees, usually more. I can, to save the pass look out the window at the
antenna and come up with approximate az el offsets to get me through the
pass. I can live with this issue of turning on the LVB first, I just thought
it should be fixable.
 The SatPC32 issue I brought up is also a minor inconvenience. But, I use my
9100 with DXLab and SatPC32. With DX lab all I have to do is de-select the
9100 while I'm using it with SatPC32. When I want to use the 9100 for PSK31
or other data modes It's a simple 9100 2 menu change, and selecting the 9100
in DXLab commander. I work the data modes, and when done I simply deselect.
I then have to bring up SatPC32 as it would lose the 9100 in the process. It
would be great if SatPC32 acted as nicely as DXLab commander :D 
 I hope I made this clear, but I'm in the middle of moving to Florida in 2
days and don't have time to elaborate any more. In a few months I plan on
getting on the birds from down there also, maintaining two sat stations one
here and one in Florida. So I wanted to try and resolve some of these nits.
I already have a second LVB that I built from a kit that I will be using
down there when I get setup, along with a TS-2000.I need to yet buy the
rotor, pre amps, and antennas. I'm thinking the new M2 LEO set will get
under the zoning boards radar nicely.

73 Jeff kb2m

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   I have the same setup without the issues except that satpc32 needs to be
started last which makes sense because otherwise it will complain about com
ports not there.

   I'm wondering if you have ever watched the com ports carefully, windows
loves to move things around so when you turn on the 9100 first is it
grabbing the usual lvb port? so the lvb gets what was the 9100 port? so
instead of a simple w035 090 command the lvb is seeing
\$FEFE7CE01A05005603FD\$FEFE7CE01C0001FD\w10  or some other string of
9100 setup/frequency command from satpc32 and all that crud blows it's mind
requiring you to reset the LVB?

   Just a thought...

73 Kevin WA6FWF

On 3/31/2015 2:57 PM, kb2m at arrl.net wrote:
> Does anyone have this issue,
> I have to turn my sat system on in a certain sequence.
> 1.       Turn on the LVBTracker.
> 2.       Turn on the 9100.
> 3.       Start SatPC32.
> Today I had a visitor in my shack who turned the Yaesu 5500 on first 
> causing the LVB issue, so don't just say 'don't do that' J.
> If I turn on the 9100 before the LVBTracker I get a memory error on 
> the LVBTracker and have to do a re-calibrate, a real pain if you're 
> trying to work a bird that's already up. If I run SatPC32 before I 
> turn on the radio I get a SatPC32 error that could be a little easier 
> to resolve then it is. I would like to see a de-select, select 
> sequence of the cat control to acquire the radio instead of a SatPC32 
> reboot, sometimes with a task manager assist in Win7 to halt the rotor
>   serverSDX. I have no idea what would cause the LVB to behave in this 
> manner. Anyone have the LVB issue? Any solutions?
> 73 Jeff kb2m

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