[amsat-bb] Mode A / FT-1000D / SatPC32

Erich Eichmann erich.eichmann at t-online.de
Sat Sep 20 14:30:44 UTC 2014

The CAT commands of the FT-1000D and the commands of the Yaesu 
transceivers supported by SatPC32 (FT-736R, FT-847, FT-817, FT-857, 
FT-897 and compatible) are different.  For example:  The opcode of these 
radios for setting  the frequency of the main VFO is 1  (in 
non-satellite mode), the corresponding opcode of the FT-1000D is 10 
(dec).  So, SatPC32 will not work with the FT-1000D, I suppose.

Updating the frequencies of the IC-706MKIIG: The program updates the 
frequencies of the radio as soon as the Doppler shift of the higher band 
changed by a certain amount of Hertz (= interval). The interval can be 
chosen in menu "CAT" separately for FM and SSB sats.
With an interval of 10 Hz - for example - the program will update both 
radio frequencies as soon as  the Doppler shift of the higher band 
changed by 10 Hz or more.

73s, Erich, DK1TB

Am 20.09.2014 04:07, schrieb Doug - k4gkj:
> Try other baud rates (higher).
> But fair warning, SatPC32 is finicky with many rigs.  I use a 706mk2g and I can turn on the cat control in the SatPC32 program, but it thinks for a few seconds, sends the data, and then it only updates the data once every 30-40 seconds. And I don't dare TX while the cat is turned on (will not work) .  So, for normal operation,  I just choose the bird I want to work, then activate the cat control long enough to update the rig.  If I am using a bird that allows for multiple qso's, I'll activate the cat just to update the rig......  Sure you get the idea by now.
> I use the cat control for a starting point, but mostly manual after that.
> Doug
> Doug Bennight
> 850-528-5772
> 850-926-2052
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> From: Mike Sprenger<mikesprenger at gmail.com>  
> Date:
> To: AMSAT-BB<amsat-bb at amsat.org>  
> Subject: [amsat-bb] Mode A / FT-1000D / SatPC32
> Hi,
> For the first time in at least 20 years I made a Mode A satellite contact.
> This one was AO-07 (thanks to K3SZH for the QSO).  Brought back RS-10 / 12
> / 15 memories for sure.
> Got to thinking, any experience to work Mode A with SATPC32 by:
>       Tuning  RX on Yaesu FT-1000D 10M band with SatPC32 ?
> I want to configure SatPC32 to tune my FT-1000D on 10m for RX
>      I have other programs tuning the FT-1000 nicely so I know the CAT
> interface is working.
>      I've tried the 736r And 847 settings at 4800, no luck...I retread the
> help texts also.
> Satpc32 is working fine to tune my 910H 2M band for uplink.
> Insight ?
> 73
> Mike

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