[amsat-bb] Help with AO-73

Andrew Glasbrenner glasbrenner at mindspring.com
Mon Sep 8 14:20:51 UTC 2014

>If I don't use SAT mode, I'd be constantly switching between VFO's, pressing
>buttons and re-tuning constantly?
>So I guess, I need to find someone who is successfully working AO-73 with an
>suggestions would be appreciated.

Forget SatPC32 for this one. When you switch to AO-73, let it initially set the frequency, then click the C button and shut SatPC32 tracking off.

Find a clear freq or a station you want to call. One of the buttons ( I think main or sub, it's a bit different on my 910 or 821) will let you tune the uplink while leaving the downlink static. Do that, tune while transmitting until you hear yourself. Have QSO or call CQ, and every transmission tune the uplink the first 0.5 second to keep on your receive. If the station you are working moves on the downlink, lock the vfos back together, tune him in, then go back to just tuning the uplink.

It sounds worse than it is, but this is the procedure for when you don't have computer control (or it doesn't work, like with AO-73). Give it a try, it's not hard.

73, Drew KO4MA

PS This works for all the mode B birds. On Mode J, tune the downlink (the higher frequency).

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