[amsat-bb] Help with AO-73

Fraser Bonnett FraserBonnett at verizon.net
Mon Sep 8 13:28:14 UTC 2014

Guys, I need a hand working AO-73, I thinks there's something I just don't
understand (I only started working the birds this year so I'm a newbie).
I'm using an IC-9100 and did manage once this weekend to hear my signal,
however, I used SATPC32 to tune my downlink until I found it.  By the time I
got that done the bird was too low for a QSO.  Also, I am aware that the
prevailing opinion is NOT to use PC control.


So . questions:  If I use the rig in SAT mode after I found my signal, I can
tool around the band looking for a QSO.  However, I'm aware that AO-73's
frequency shifts quite a bit, but since I'm in SAT mode on the rig it
changes the downlink frequency automatically.  So if AO-73 has shifted its
frequency and doesn't match what the SAT mode's offset is, I'm out of sync


If I don't use SAT mode, I'd be constantly switching between VFO's, pressing
buttons and re-tuning constantly?


So I guess, I need to find someone who is successfully working AO-73 with an


Any suggestions would be appreciated.


73, W3UTD


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