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Ok we are confirmed to do the webcast of Special events station K6H from
the set of ABC's hit TV show Last Man Standing

Kathy and I will be flying out there Sept 27 and will stay one week.

We will be taking as much webcast equipment that we can but the studio will
provide everything else that we will need and can not carry.

We originally were going to bring in this event remotely but yesterday we
were asked to come out there and do it on set.  The offer was too good to

The W5KUB.COM webcast will be in two parts.

part 1 Saturday Sept 27 we will webcast from 9:00 AM until Noon PST or
later from the Hollywood set. John Amodeo, NN6JA will join me and we will
give tours, talk about the set of Last Man Standing, watch the PAPA system
group set up their operating positions for the show the next day.  There
will be 6 operating positions set up working HF, vhf, uhf, d-star,
echolink, and IRLP. You will meet various people and hear interesting

Part 2 Sunday Sept 28 We will be live on set with the K6H Special Events
station as they make contacts.  We will move around to various operating
positions. Also on this day we are planning on a lot of great interviews
with Big name hams from the West Coast. Dont be surprise to see some famous
people. We dont have that detail yet as this thing just started snowballing
out of control yesterday.  It will be non-stop planning for the next two
week up to the event.  I will even say that we will have spur of the moment
interviews with people that dont make it into the list.

More to come. You may distribute this if you like. We will be putting up
announcements in email and facebook soon.


Please check out our ham radio video broadcast page at http://w5kub.com and
please join our W5KUB video broadcast group at

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