[amsat-bb] I am doing it wrong, but not sure what...& In-Reply-To

Kevin M n4ufo at yahoo.com
Tue Sep 2 06:34:33 UTC 2014

Hey Mark,

I have no idea why, but the majority of AMSAT guys seem to refuse to mention this website when people are trying to figure out tracking... http://www.n2yo.com/?s=7530|27607|24278|39417

Just put in your location and the link I gave you will bring up the four current workable satellites. It's all I've used the past few years... eventually I will get SATPC32 when I finally get my new antennas up and want to try automatic tracking.

Saw a fairly new ham posting on eHam needing help/advice about putting up an antenna in trees. I suggested he look you up, lives just 8-9 miles from you. NC4EF I think the call is.

Hope all is well... 73 for now,

Kevin N4UFO

P.S. pics of progress on my sat antennas on my QRZ page:  http://www.qrz.com/db/N4UFO

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