[amsat-bb] KPC and IC910 help

Jim White jim at coloradosatellite.com
Mon Sep 1 18:46:48 UTC 2014

Looking for a bit of help here.  In reassembling my 9600 bps ground 
station today for an upcoming launch I found two problems.

1) My IC910H goes into transmit on main band when I power it on, even 
with nothing connected.  It worked fine a month ago.  Using the 
4/5-power on factory reset clears the settings but it still transmits 
when turned on.  I'd appreciate any ideas of what else I can try, or - 
can I send it to ICOM for repair.

2) A used KPC9612+ I bought from a local guy, which worked fine a few 
days ago, now has a PTT problem.  The PTT on pin 1 of the 15 pin 'high 
speed' port 2 connector is inverted.  It is ground when the TNC is idle 
and goes off ground (not sure how far) when I send a packet. The PTT 
light for port two works properly, red when PTTing, but the output pin 
is inverted.  I did note the backup battery appears dead because 
settings like the PC interface baud rate don't survive a power cycle, 
but I can't see how that should effect PTT polarity.  As above, any 
ideas about a setting the inverted that, or - where can I send this guy 
for repair, would be appreciated.

These two could be related since the KPC and 910 were connected for a 
month or so.  Perhaps one failure caused the other.  Just speculating.

Thanks in advance,

jim at coloradosatellite.com

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