[amsat-bb] Saturday Oct-25 14hs GMT Betty V Balloon Launch

Amsat Argentina amsatlu at gmail.com
Wed Oct 22 21:25:51 UTC 2014

Amsat Argentina launch from Victorica, La Pampa Province, Argentina,
Balloon Betty V, carrying a Linear Transponder Up:435.850 KHz +/- 15 KHz
LSB, Down: 145.850 KHz -/+ 15 KHz USB 200mW.

Will include also FM Voice Repeater up:435.950 (123Hz CTCSS), down:145.950
2W, with CW ID & TLM, APRS Beacon on 144.930/145.950, SSTV R-36 pictures
live on 145.950. DMTF Commands for users & control.

On board video 2 GoPro-3 cameras. Vaisala sonde around 403 MHz. More info
on http://amsat.org.ar/globo25.htm Tracking http://aprs.fi?call=lu7aa-11
<http://aprs.fi/?call=lu7aa-11> & http://lu7aa.org.ar/vor.asp

Coordination previous & during flight 7095 KHz LSB.

Launch experiments toward CARPOSAT/LUSEX satellite platform validation

73, Amsat Argentina
info at amsat.org.ar

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