[amsat-bb] Going Digital Someday

JoAnne K9JKM joanne.k9jkm at gmail.com
Wed Oct 22 12:49:49 UTC 2014

> If that were true then it follows that the modulation 
> currently used with Codec2 Digital Voice is not practical 
> for HEO either.

Quite true. The new HEO proposal warned that their scheme is not a
replacement for AO-13. When most of hear "HEO" we visualize each QSO with
its own discrete frequency on a VFO. The new satellite guys visualize many
error corrected digital signals up and down; perhaps a multiplexed method.
The satellite will need some processing power for error correction up there
as well.

Hams learning how to interface a codec with their rig is merely a stepping
off place.

Sooner or later they'll write up their proposal. I hope to run it in the
AMSAT Journal. Give them time to work on it.

73 de JoAnne K9JKM
k9jkm at amsat.org

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