[amsat-bb] New Rotator X/Y as opposed to Azimuth/Elevation SPX X-Y Rotor

Daniel Cussen dan at post.com
Mon Oct 13 10:15:20 UTC 2014

New Rotator X/Y as opposed to Azimuth/Elevation
SPX X-Y Rotor

I am thinking of purchasing a new tracking system design, which uses
an unusual way of pointing the antenna. I was wondering if anyone else
has used this product or even the nearly identical non XY model?


Youtube video at the bottom does not work.

The benefits of it are supposedly better/faster positioning at the
elevation peak, due to the "two elevation, one over another" design.

There is a good description of why it might be good here:
Scroll down to conclusions

There are other benefits:
630 Euro plus shipping including USB computer interface (cheaper than Yaesu)
Fast motor movement (50 seconds for 360 degrees)
Can be compatable with Yaesu GS232 protocol or SPID driver

Low strength 80nM only suitable for light antennas (such as the arrow etc)
Brand new model may have bugs or weaknesses
1 degree max position accurancy sensed by reed switch. Not 0.1 degrees
as per some expensive systems.
Cheaper computer interface/features compared to more expensive models.
Not available from anywhere else (yet)
3 weeks minimum delivery time
Strange to understand design
Strange to understand config. The az & el degrees are converted to XY positions.

The main reason for taking the risk, is I want to do some small dish
tests for HAMTV from the ISS, and even most expensive tracking
systems, are too slow at fast peak elevations, particularly with
narrow beamwidth dishes.

So has anyone used one of these or any thoughts/comments on the design?


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