[amsat-bb] free sat antennas

Jeff KB2M kb2m at comcast.net
Wed Oct 1 10:17:09 UTC 2014

I sold my OceanView NJ property and now have to dismantle my satellite
antenna system located there. I have available for free several antennas
that would be of interest to a sat op.   This would include a KLM 2M-22c, a
KLM 435-40CX (both with a shack controlled polarity switching system) , a DS
1.2 gig 55 loop Yagi, and several dishes, 2.4 gig to 2m d/c,  2.4 gig pre
amp, 2.4 gig RX ant, etc. All for free, OR, if you dismantle and pick the
whole package up I will add a mini tower, Fiberglas cross boom and Yaesu
G-5500 rotor with all cables for $375. OR I will donate the whole package
for free to a University, all they would have to do is pickup. OR, if
someone were to pick the entire package up and sell all or part of it, I
would ask that 50% of the net from the sale be donated to AMSAT. There is a
picture of the antennas mounted at my Comcast home page.




If needed, I could take some more detailed  pictures next time I go down


73 Jeff kb2m


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