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Clayton Coleman kayakfishtx at gmail.com
Mon May 26 20:24:39 UTC 2014

These days I'm finding less and less stations on APRS via the ISS.
This is a major reason as to why packets digipeated by the ISS aren't
making it into the terrestrial APRS Internet Service.  If there are
only one or two stations within your mutual footprint and they can't
hear very well, chances are your position digipeated by the ISS won't
be heard by them.  Therein lies your problem and why your packets
aren't making it to the Internet.  It is no fault of the APRS-IS or
the ISS digipeater.

I was on a pass this morning, 63 degree elevation, that covered most
of the western half of the United States.  Of that entire pass I only
copied 5 stations, all of which were automated with no live
individuals at the keyboard.  I was getting a 100% solid copy of the

I've never quiet understood the fascination with transmitting a packet
and showing up on the Internet.  Nowadays there's an app for that.
The APRS-IS, ISS digipeater, and our terrestrial APRS networks are
great resources.  Unfortunately operating trends come and go and I
think we are in a down cycle with less people active on the ISS
digipeater over North America.


On Mon, May 26, 2014 at 10:10 AM, Mike Sprenger <mikesprenger at gmail.com> wrote:
> Used to be able to show up on the ariss.net web page when I digi my
> position via the ISS, now I can't figure out what I've done to cause it to
> not work any longer....(and I can successfully appear by using the new-n
> paradigm on terrestrial APRS on 144.39)
> It's not an RF path problem, I can Digi via the ISS no problem on 145.825,
> hearing my return packets from the ISS.  I've digi'ed dozens via the ISS,
> yet, I can no longer gateway to the ARISS web page.
> Referring to this page:
> http://www.aprs.org/iss-faq.html
> ISS145.825145.825ARISS | APRSAT | WIDEAdding an optional SGATE,WIDE on your
> path allows your
> I have tried to digi via ARISS using several paths, some of which are:
> So, 2 questions, using UI-View32:
> 1.  What's the most common Is there something that could cause it *not* to
> gateway to the www.ariss.net page ?
> 2.  What is the Digi Path to end up on www.ariss.net ?
> --
> Thanks,
> Mike
> (37.9167N  81.1244W is the Summit)
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