[amsat-bb] Appearing on http://www.ariss.net/

Mike Sprenger mikesprenger at gmail.com
Mon May 26 20:10:52 UTC 2014

Used to be able to show up on the ariss.net web page when I digi my
position via the ISS, now I can't figure out what I've done to cause it to
not work any longer....(and I can successfully appear by using the new-n
paradigm on terrestrial APRS on 144.39)

It's not an RF path problem, I can Digi via the ISS no problem on 145.825,
hearing my return packets from the ISS.  I've digi'ed dozens via the ISS,
yet, I can no longer gateway to the ARISS web page.

Referring to this page:


ISS145.825145.825ARISS | APRSAT | WIDEAdding an optional SGATE,WIDE on your
path allows your

I have tried to digi via ARISS using several paths, some of which are:


So, 2 questions, using UI-View32:

1.  What's the most common Is there something that could cause it *not* to
gateway to the www.ariss.net page ?
2.  What is the Digi Path to end up on www.ariss.net ?

(37.9167N  81.1244W is the Summit)

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