[amsat-bb] Got Grids Info

wa4hfn at comcast.net wa4hfn at comcast.net
Sat May 24 23:34:28 UTC 2014

For those who are wondering who to make a sked with in each grid field 
Here is a sample log of stations you may look for and how to send in your log

Grid Field Call Grid Date Time Mode Satellite 
CN W7LRD CN87 28-Mar-14 0:38  SSB FO-29 
CM W6RQR CM99 24-May-14 0:55  SSB FO-29 
DN W0DHB DN70 16-Jan-14 23:57  SSB FO-29 
DM K8YSE/7 DM43 20-Jan-14 13:28  SSB FO-29 
DL W5PFG DL79/DL89 10-Mar-14 14:10  SSB FO-29 
EN NR0T EN34 12-Jan-14 23:58  SSB FO-29 
EM N8RO EM00 28-Jan-14 0:13  SSB FO-29 
EL N5AFV EL29 7-Mar-14 0:24  SSB FO-29 
FN NM3B FN01 30-Jan-14 23:14  SSB FO-29 
FM W1AW/4 FM16 9-Apr-14 0:03  SSB FO-29 

 N8HM  log 

 Thank you Paul 
WA4HFN em55  Damon

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