[amsat-bb] SPROUT launch info

Masahiro Arai m-arai at a.email.ne.jp
Fri May 23 15:00:58 UTC 2014

SPROUT will launch at 0305z 24th May by H-2A rocket from Tanegashima
Space Center. Here is the launch event sked. SPROUT will separate
at T+37:30 around lat/lon=72S/99E where just above Antractica.

    event                               T
 1  liftoff                           00:00
 2  solid rocket booster burnout      01:55
 3  solid rocket booster separation   02:05
 4  fairing separtion                 04:30
 5  1st stage main engine cuttoff     06:36
 6  1st/2nd stage separation          06:44
 7  2nd stage engine ignition         06:50
 8  2nd stage engine cuttoff          15:14
 9  DAICHI-2 separation               16:04
10  RISING-2 separation               25:00
11  UNIFORM-1 separation              29:10
12  SOCRATES separation               33:20
13  SPROUT separation                 37:30

And here is the interesting web site.

DAICH-2(ALOS-2) info by JAXA
Launch Live Broadcast info is shown above URL. It will start 0215z
24th May.

Countdown Report by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries

Happy chasing!!

Masa  JN1GKZ     Tokyo  Japan

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