[amsat-bb] WD9EWK & VA7EWK/3 QSOs from Hamvention weekend

Patrick STODDARD (WD9EWK/VA7EWK) amsat-bb at wd9ewk.net
Wed May 21 06:45:03 UTC 2014


I just finished updating my satellite log for my operating over the past 
few days in Ohio and other locations.  I operated from the following 
locations during my trip (dates are using UTC time):

Tilbury, Ontario (grid EN82sg), 15 May 
Indiana/Ohio state line (grid EM79ot), 17 and 19 May
Englewood, Ohio (grid EM79uu), 17 May
Trotwood, Ohio (Hamvention - grid EM79ut) - 18 May
New Richmond, Ohio (grid EM78ux) - 18 May
Hamersville, Ohio (grids EM78xw and EM88aw) - 18 and 19 May
Miamisburg, Ohio (grid EM79vp) - 19 May

I operated as WD9EWK for all locations except my first stop in Ontario,
where I operated as VA7EWK/3.  All of these QSOs are now in Logbook
of the World, and I would be happy to send QSL cards for any QSOs 
made with WD9EWK or VA7EWK/3.  Please e-mail me the QSO details,
and - if you're in the log - I will send out the card(s).  No need to first 
send me QSL cards or SASEs to get my card(s). 

If you use Logbook of the World and want to see QSLs for both sides of 
the Indiana/Ohio state line, please upload two QSO records to represent
that QSO on each side of the state line.  Put the same information in each
record, except make the time different in each QSO record by at least one
minute. Without this adjustment, one of the QSO records will replace the 
other, when LOTW sees two QSO records for the same date and time with
the same station.  LOTW can handle up to 4 grid locators in a single QSO 
record, but is not capable of handling multiple states (or provinces, counties, 
and countries) in a single QSO record.  

I have uploaded two QSO records to LOTW for each QSO I made at the 
state line, ensuring the QSO time in the record for each side of the state 
line differs by one minute.  Some have also already uploaded two QSO 
records for each QSO completed with WD9EWK at the state line, and have 
received credit for QSOs with both Wayne County in Indiana and Preble 
County in Ohio (the two counties that come together at that point on the 
state line, near the I-70/US-40 interchange at Richmond IN).  Please e-mail
me directly if you worked me at this location, and need further assistance in
seeing confirmations for both sides of the state line. 


Patrick WD9EWK/VA7EWK 

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