[amsat-bb] Thank you for the Artsat Invader QSL card

ji1izr/Masahiro Sanada ji1izr_1975 at nifty.com
Tue May 20 13:40:25 UTC 2014

Hello, Andy,
de ji1izr/Masahiro.

I am happy to hear that you've received the card from Japan.
I've also another one for me.

As you noticed,
the position of your station when you heard the signal from the ARTSAT
is indicated on the card.

This means the card is the unique one in the world!

I've got the comment from the designer, Mr. Ise,
so I translated that here:
"I am happy to hear that our card delighted you,
 moreover, you framed it and hang it beside the print of David Hockney!"

Please keep to watch the satellite.
The team is now trying to start up the digi-talker system not only over Japan
but over other countries.

         Masahiro Sanada
            de ji1izr
       ji1izr_1975 at nifty.com
          ji1izr at jarl.com
        ji1izr at jamsat.or.jp
  web: http://ji1izr.atnifty.com/
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