[amsat-bb] Tuning on the transponder's center frequnecy

Paul Stoetzer n8hm at arrl.net
Tue May 6 00:09:09 UTC 2014

Good evening,

On the last pass of FO-29 over the United States, there were a couple
of stations tuning and one that started calling CQ in CW right on the
center frequency.

HK3Z was already calling CQ on that frequency when the satellite rose
over North America. I did work him, but several others could have as
well if not for the QRM. Please go up or down a ways to find your
signal so you are out of the way. Remember that FO-29's passband is
100 kHz wide - 435.800 MHz to 435.900 MHz. There's more than enough
room for everyone. If I decide to call CQ, I generally start calling
10-15 kHz above center and move down only if nobody is responding

Now, there was also non-ham FM QRM on the center frequency, but that's
a different story and there's not much we can do about that.


Paul, N8HM

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