[amsat-bb] Old FT-847 and doppler control

Bill (W1PA) w1pa at hotmail.com
Mon May 5 11:41:23 PDT 2014

I have one of the older FT-847's that does not have 
bidirectional CAT.

My understanding is that I can still use a PC to 
control/adjust doppler,
but that I must tune the radio from the software only. Is 
that correct?

If so, what software would you suggest, Linux-preferred? I 
don't need any other control
other than doppler correction on a linear bird pass. Does 
gpredict do this?

Bill W1PA

(btw, for those of you who I worked /P on SO-50 Friday 
mid-day, I was
handheld at NEARfest hamfest  (Deerfield, NH  --FN43jc) 

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