[amsat-bb] 2.4 GHz converter

Glen Zook gzook at yahoo.com
Sun May 4 13:15:27 PDT 2014

I have a receiving converter that converts 2400 MHz to 144 MHz that is basically brand new.  This is a UEK-3000 and is designed to be remotely installed.  I got the converter from someone ,not local, who told me that the converter was for the 2304 MHz band.  Unfortunately, when it arrived, it was for amateur radio satellites  at 2400 MHz and not for the "weak signal" portion of the band.

I did check the performance with my HP-8616 signal generator and a good level CW signal was detected at -130 dBm or 0.07-microvolts running through a 2-meter converter into a 10-meter receiver.  The performance of the HP-8616 has not been verified since I obtained the signal generator about 3-months ago and I cannot guarantee the absolute accuracy of the attenuation pad in the unit.  However, the converter definitely does work!

If anyone is interested in the converter, I am definitely open for trades.  Although the converter sells for a pretty good amount of money, I would rather trade because, that way, both sides are satisfied and one doesn't wonder if they paid too much or got a REALLY good deal!
Glen, K9STH
AMSAT 239 / LM 463

Website:  http://k9sth.com

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