[amsat-bb] Ham Frequencies for Southern CA

Clint Bradford clintbradford at mac.com
Sat May 3 09:25:32 PDT 2014

I updated my "Southern California Ham Radio Frequency List" this week.

It has more than 80 repeater systems, simplex freqs, and miscellaneous 
frequencies that I always have at hand programmed in my demo FT-60R 
and other radios. The list is weighed towards ENJOYMENT of the 2m/440 
amateur radio airwaves!

Most listings have URLs to repeater owner sites and/or club sites.

The .pdf file is available on the DOCS page at ... http://www.k6lcs.com/

I have been on most of these repeaters, and found them to be open and 
welcoming of hams. Of course - satellite SO-50's set of freqs are included, 
as well as NOAA and a couple other goodies.

There are some "active" systems that I have left out. This is not an 
"all-inclusive" list for the Southern California region. If I encountered 
unfriendly, un-welcoming, or snobby attitudes, then I did not include them 
... that's NOT what this magnificent hobby is all about.

Enjoy! You can always email me at clint at clintbradford.com ... or cruise 
my "Work the Satellites" Web site at http://www.work-sat.com .

Clint Bradford K6LCS
909-241-7666 - cell

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